5 free ways to attract more traffic

Besides existing different common way to drive traffic (as creating interesting graphics, blogging about related topics and even participating in interviews) the number of free ways to accomplish this are many.

Here we’ll show you 5 free efficient ways how to create interesting and fairly easy content that will help you attract more customers to your site. Your business doesn’t have to offer some incredibly exciting product/service, but to offer an added value that can be interesting for segments of people.

1.- Additional website

If you know how to create a website with additional content, you can direct people to your initial site. Promote your business or company’s website through a separate blog, micro-site, or lead generation site that is related to your industry. Just don’t spam the lead generating site with your links everywhere. It will look fake and it could actually discredit your company.

Make sure you also talk to your web analytics team about tracking the click-troughs to that site. This is important because when you are tracking your bounce rates and exit pages, Google Analytics will mark a click through to your other website as an exit or bounce.

If you talk to you analytics team about tracking the number of clicks that that website gets from your main site, or vice versa, you’ll have a much better idea of how the additional website is influencing your traffic flow.

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2.- Lists posts

A list is something that is very easy to read as a visitor can quickly skim the article and get the information they are looking for right away.

They are very popular and good for starting conversations, and the combination creates a strong popularity for lists on the web. Make a top ten or even a top 20 list of something relative to your industry, post it on your blog and see how much traffic you can direct to your site.

Also include a teaser from your list when you promote it on your social sites. As an example, for a list about the 10 best ways to cook pizza, you would promote the blog post on your social site by saying “(List topic #1) is a great way to make pizza. Guess what the other 9 ways are.”

By including a teaser of what is included in the blog post, you will peak readers’ curiosity and preview the type of content they can expect to see on your blog.

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3.- Blog Commenting

Try commenting on relevant blogs that have similar topics as your website. If you find a place where a link to your website is appropriate, you can always drop a link in their comments. Avoid coming off as spam by adding a quality comment of your opinion or advice to the blog you are visiting.

Other commenter’s and readers will hopefully follow your link to your own site. Please be also warned that many blogs put a no-follow on their comment sections, so Google will not be able to index your link. However, Blog commenting make you a more recognizable presence on the web. Even if you can’t put an indexable link in your comment, responding to blog posts is always a good idea.

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4.- Wikipedia

Getting web traffic from Wikipedia isn’t exactly easy, but you can’t just go onto Wikipedia with the main goal of generating back-links to your website. Rather, you need to create an account with the purpose of becoming a contributor to articles within your niche. By being a credible contributor to something related to your website, you will then be able to add your link as a reference or external link.


Your links need to directly relate to the information you added to the Wikipedia subject and have a consistent and reliable amount of information. Only then Wikipedia will accept your links since you are a contributing authority with a credible source, and this will greatly increase your traffic during the time.

5.- Rich Snippets

If your website contains articles, events, reviews, multimedia, or items with ratings, you can increase your click-through-rate by structuring your search results to appear differently. Rich snippets allow special webpage’s to display additional data, like product ratings and article summaries, making them more appealing than traditional results that lack substantial information.

Rich snippets

You can always use the Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper to add code to your pages so that the correct type of rich snippet is displayed to searchers.

To drive traffic to your site in the most effective manner, you should take time to plan out your traffic driving strategies. We always suggest that you sit down with your specialists and plan out exactly what blog posts, social media posts and other content you want to develop.

By developing all of your content a month or more in advance, you will be able to maintain a consistent flow of new traffic to your social sites month after month.

But trying to carry out all of these strategies by yourself on top of the work you already do could be pretty time consuming. If your website or business doesn’t already have an internet marketing/maintenance/social media specialist department, you may want to consider developing or hiring one.

Internet savvy professionals will help you maintain your online presence and drive traffic to your site without driving you crazy.

You can see the different methods we use to direct real traffic here.


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